Send A File

Thanks to the convenience of our online file transfer system, there's no need to make a special trip just to drop off a disk. Now you can easily send print-ready files from your computer in a matter of minutes.

Just fill out the form below and click the Send File button. Once we receive it, we'll send you a confirmation e-mail. It's that easy.


DIGITAL CAMERA PHOTOS: Take your photos on the highest resolution setting on your camera. It is easiest to submit your digital file directly to us without trying to adjust any sizes. It will probably be a 72 dpi photo, but large enough (18”) for us to reduce and get high resolution.

All text MUST BE outlined and all images must be imbedded. Crop marks and proper bleed [1/8”] must be included.
Accepted formats are [eps, ai, HIGH RESOLUTION JPG [300 dpi], pdf]--
If any of the mentioned is missing the file is not considered print ready, and the file will have to be modified.

Required to correct file(s) not compatible with high resolution offset printing, if required, @ $10 each.

Please provide information about the file you are sending. Include the name and version of the program used to create it.

Click on the "Browse" button below to select a file on your computer. After you've selected the file, click the "Send File" to transfer your file to us. Please use WinZip to compress the file before you send it. If you do not have compression software installed, visit the Software Downloads area in Resources & Support for additional information.

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